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GasOne 50180R Red QCC Tanks Propane Adapter: 10.99

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  • PROPANE ADAPTER THAT SAVES MONEY – Gas one’s propane refill adapters allows you to refill your traditional green 1lb propane tanks with the fuel from standard 20lb propane tanks. An ultimate propane adapter Built with the intention of reducing cost of resource used; We can’t recall the last time An RV propane adapter, propane hose adapter, and/or a propane tank Adapter saved you this much money!
  • STURDY AND DURABLE – Made of brass to ensure a long product lifetime as well as durability under constant usage. Will not wear down and/or fall apart using Gas One’s propane refill adapter is a Heavy-Duty, reliable, and rust-free operation. Corrosion Resistant Brass that provides secure and air tight fitting
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE AND PRECISE THREADS – the refill adapter holds tight and connects efficiently well to 1 and 20lb propane tanks. There are no gas leaks, and the adapter’s solid bras materials ensure longevity as well as Universal usage
  • GOOD FOR EMERGENCY – running out of fuel from a 1lb propane tank will soon be an issue of the past; Simply use this to refill your 1lb propane tanks with larger propane tanks You have in storage. No issues with connection along with its easy to use set allows for an overall comfortable and smooth experience
  • EASY TO USE – ready for use right out of the box, place one end of the adapter on your 20lb propane tank, The other end on your 1lb propane tank, and you’re ready to refill! / fits Qcc1/Type1 & 1lb propane tanks

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13 reviews for GasOne 50180R Red QCC Tanks Propane Adapter: 10.99

  1. DKS

    This adapter works exactly as advertised. I have an earlier version of adapter with the older style reverse thread and requires a wrench to mount to the larger which is a pain in the neck. This adapter has the newer style thread that can can be mounted to the 20 lb (or whatever) tanks by hand.

    When using the adapter, you can get a better fill by chilling your empty 1 lb cylinder in the freezer for a while, then mounting it to your bigger tank. Open the valve and turn the tank upside down. You will hear the propane going into the smaller tank. If you are patient and leave it for a few hours you can get the small tank as full as it was new.

    I use this adapter on our sometimes multi-week camping trips and it is not only much, much cheaper, I also don’t have to feel guilty throwing out perfectly good cylinders. I recommend this product


  2. Samflix

    1. Best to have a 20lbs (or a bit larger) tank that is near full. I tried it with a 5lb tank that was half empty – didn’t work.
    2. Follow instructions with this or similar devices – put 1lb (small green) propane bottle in the freezer. Turn big 20lb tank upside down, attach adapter, attach 1lb bottle, etc etc.
    3. As some reviewers have said, you CAN unintentionally overfill a 1lb bottle, esp. with prolonged freezing of the small green bottles. Invest in a small kitchen scale – do not exceed 1lb of propane in a bottle. If you accidentally overfill, no big deal. Just use the bottle to cook something until the weight of the bottle decreases to 29-30 oz. total, or keep the bottle cool/cold. Then propane won’t leak – if bottle heats up in the sun it might.

  3. Paul C

    Thrilled with first use of my new LP fill adapter. My doner tank was a freshly filled bbq size that was left in a cold car overnight. I did freeze my Coleman tanks before filling. I zeroed out my scale with an almost empty tank, then weighed one that I had filled and it was 1.1 lbs heavier.

  4. jeff a

    I replaced my old refill valve with this one and am very happy with it. The quick attachment design eliminates the need for a wrench and makes filling 1lb. tanks a quick process. I can attest,that contrary to what others have stated, that it is indeed very possible to overfill your 1lb. tanks. I strongly encourage anyone to buy an inexpensive 0z./gram scale, which can be purchased here on Amazon. I weigh my empty tank, and then add no more than 16.4 ounces. Many times you will end up with a tank that is 1/2, 2/3, or a little less than full, and this is great. I filled eight superchilled empties and overfilled three by 1-3 oz. on a hot day (about perfect conditions for doing this). I decided to bleed off a small amount to be safe. I have read that overfilling by small amounts is ok, but have also come across many accounts of bulging tanks that were overfilled, so I don’t chance it. Do not under any circumstances do this inside and I would not even do in a garage with the door open. Do it outside , period. There are several YouTube videos that will walk anyone through the process and if anyone hasn’t done this before I think it’s good idea to check them out.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I am removing 1 star since there is no instructions whatsoever with the item. Of course you try the logic but won’t work. So follow these instructions before trying and wasting time:
    1. Put 1Lb tank in Freezer for 30 minutes (YES believe it)
    2. Attach GasOne valve to your 20LB. propane tank (or whatever size you have)
    3. Flip the big Propane Tank and set on it’s handle (YES upside down)
    4. Screw in the 1LB tank to the smaller side of GasOne valve (Do not over tighten, hard to remove after)
    5. Open Propane Tank and let the gas flow, should take about 30 or so seconds to fill the small one
    6. Once you stop hearing the transfer of gas, close the propane tank valve and unscrew the small tank

    These simple 6 steps printed on the packaging tag would’ve earned you an extra – sorry

  6. S. Campbell

    I included photos of my first time doing this. The first is a never used 1lb bottle. Weighed in at 2lbs. The second was a used 1lb bottle I’d just removed from the freezer. It weighed in at 1lb. The second is of the used 1lb bottle connected to a filled 30lb “source” bottle including the adapter I purchased here. The last is of the used bottle after I filled it. It weighed in at 2lbs… the same as the never used (new) bottle. I connected my adapter and flipped over a 30lp tank, connected the used 1lb bottle and reached under and turned on the valve on the 30lb tank. It only took 10 seconds or less to fill the 1lb bottle. This is a great, inexpensive product. This is a cost savings AND IMHO environmentally responsible (no 1lb bottles littering landfills, etc.)! Also, I followed the helpful reviews and chilled the bottle being filled in the freezer. It didn’t take long (approx. 10 minutes).

  7. J. Stoner

    Pour un excellent remplissage, il y a 4 étapes à respecter :
    1/ Mettre la petite bouteille à remplir au congélateur quelques heures avant.
    2/ visser l’adaptateur sur la grosse bouteille en veillant à ce que la valve soit fermée
    3/ Visser la petite bouteille juste sortie du congélateur sur l’adaptateur
    4/ Ouvrez la vanne de la grande bouteille

    Vous entendrez la bouteille se remplir de gaz liquide, dès que le bruit de remplissage arrête, commencez par fermer la grosse bouteille avant de dévisser la petite.
    Plus efficace encore si vous maintenez la grosse bouteille tête en bas.

    La température négative de la bouteille fait en sorte que le gaz liquide remplisse la petite.
    C’est une loi de la physique 🙂

  8. Sal

    Before buying “Propane Refill Adapter” I was buying new propane small 1lb tanks. Now I do not need to do so. Whenever you are using this product, please use it with care and make sure small kids are not around you. There is a trick to fill the propane tank 100%. Before filling the tank, put the empty tank in the freezer for 20 to 30mins. After that start filling the tank and you will notice that in this way you will fill your tank 100%. I tried and it worked for me.

  9. Cylon6

    Works 100%. You have to pay attention to tank temps. The warmer tank will always fill the colder tank. If you’re 20lb tank is colder than your 1lb propane tank…..you’ll empty out the 1lb back in to the 20lb

    Freeze your 1lb for 30minutes. Make sure it’s colder than the 20lb tank. It’ll fill beyond 1lb if you want. The tanks can take 20% overfill.

    Takes 1 minute to fill a 1lb tank not including the chill time

  10. S. Campbell

    Works great to reuse those 1lb bottles. I like having a few available for convenience and the grab-n-go ability.
    Works better when the main tank is closer to full. Still works when it gets lower but doesnt seem to fill them as much.
    I bring my 15lb propane tank inside to bring it up in temp a few hours before filling. It cant be “cold”.
    Put the 1lb tanks in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Attach the adapter to the 15lb tank. Get 1 bottle at a time from the freezer. Flip the 15lb bottle upside down. Screw on a 1lb bottle and open the valve on the 15lb tank. The pressure differential will push liquid from the 15lb tank to the smaller one. Close the valve and remove the small tank. There will be a small puff of propane. Make sure to do this outside away from any ignition source.
    I have done this several times on the same 1lb tanks with great success.

  11. Client d’Amazon

    Good thing I was learning about gas in chemistry class when I got this, otherwise I would have been disappointed. Also, I found that there are a few videos on youtube on how to get the best results. For me, you have to use this to release some gas from the 1lb bottle till the bottle itself gets pretty chilly. Make sure the bottle is standing up straight so you release as much “gaseous” gas as possible. After that, fill it from the 20lb bottle ASAP. Keep repeating this till your bottle is full, for me it usually takes 4 cycles of this till its completely full.

  12. Jody Albright

    There was no directions with this when it arrived. We tried to fill a propane cylinder and it wouldn’t work. I finally googled for directions and found out that you need to put your small cylinder in the freezer for 30 minutes! Then attach it to your large propane tank and then turn the large tank upside down to fill. Crazy but it worked!
    We use it all the time now and it saves a lot of money.

  13. Paul C

    This is a great little product for refillling the one pound Propane cylinders. I highly recommend watching several different YouTube videos to see how this works. I also recommend purchasing a small scale to be able to weigh the cylinders to see how full they are. This will save you a lot of money if you are a person who likes to use the one pound propane cylinders

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