Bakery Near Me

PNM knows what means it to find a great cafe or a bakery near me. We put together the largest directory of the best bakeries nearest to your location, including; cupcakes, cake shops, panaderia, pastries, wedding, birthday cakes, and much more. Find the culture driven bakeries that are open now and just a short drive away. We provide directions, phone numbers, and even reviews. 

Cupcakes Near Me

Who doesn’t get a bit of a sweet tooth for sprinkled cupcakes once in awhile? All in moderation of course! Whether you are looking for baked by Melissa or Molly’s cupcakes or the best local shop, you will find the nearest here. Get your delivery started for that next birthday or the perfect cake decorator.


Cake Shop Near Me

You don’t have to be a cake boss to love a good cake! Find the best cakes or dessert shops near by. Did you know Nothing Bundt Cakes is the largest cake provider?

Panaderia Near Me

Birthday Cakes Near Me

French Bakery Near Me

Gluten Free Bakery Near Me

Vegan Bakery Near Me

Find Ethnic Bakeries Nearest To You

Keto Bakery Near Me

Find Keto friendly bakeries nearby as a healthy alternative. Enjoy these low carb desserts and breads including directions and reviews.

Colombian Bakery Near Me

Colombian bakeries are great. Most of these bakeries are found in Colombian restaurants. Check out these nearest noches de colombia food for bakery addicts.

Cuban Bakery Near Me

Cuban bakeries are very popular like the famous Porto’s bakery in California. Did you know Porto’s delivers nationwide? They make it and you bake it…There most popular is their Porto cakes and they are delish. Check them out, they are great! Most of these bakeries are found in Colombian restaurants. Check out these nearest noches de colombia food for bakery addicts. The map below will help you find one below.

Chinese Bakery Near Me

Chinese bakeries are best known for their amazing mooncakes, sweet buns, and chinese bread. Find the nearest bakery below for these super delicious treats.

14 Buns You Need To Try At A Chinese Bakery

German Bakery Near Me

German bakeries are another favorite on our list. Better know for their tasty pastry cakes and german bread, of cours. The most recognized German bakeries are Heidelberg, Bavarian, Yalaha, and Weinrich bakery. There are some very good local ones as well and you can find the nearest below.

Spanish Bakery Near Me

Spanish bakeries are bountiful in Tampa but if you need to locate a nearby spanish cake, we’ve got you covered. There are many what you would call the best Spanish bakery but we like Delicias de Espana or Melao bakery in Florida, voted the best panaderia in America. We love local and you kind find great ones too.

Asian Bakery Near Me

By far the most popular Asian bakery is 85 Degrees Bakery with well over 1000 retail shops Globally.

Fun Fact: 85°C started in Taiwan in 2004, named after 85 degrees Celsius. The company’s research and development team thought it was the perfect temperature to serve coffee—but it actually was too hot to drink. The bakery doesn’t serve coffee at that temperature, but the name stuck anyway.

Locate a similar cafe or sweet hut nearby with phone numbers, directions, and reviews.

Brazilian Bakery Near Me

Jewish Bakery Near Me

Korean Bakery Near Me

Polish Bakery Near Me

Japanese Bakery Near Me

Portuguese Bakery Near Me

Filipino Bakery Near Me

Indian Bakery Near Me



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