8 Benefits of Coffee

So, Is coffee good for you? Let’s find out. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages around the world. But it’s more than just caffeine mix with black water. Coffee Nutrition

The benefits of coffee are more than getting you started for the day’s work. Coffee also has lots of medical benefits. Although detractors are always quick to mention indigestion and insomnia as the downsides of taking coffee, a body of research has shown that coffee lovers may just be doing themselves more good with each cup of coffee they consume daily.
In this piece, we shall discuss the various health benefits of coffee and give you more reasons to visit your favorite coffee shop, so let’s get into it.


An Abundant Source Of Antioxidants

Antioxidants help fight against inflammation, which is usually the underlying cause of many chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis, etc. Antioxidants are also responsible for neutralizing radicals resulting from the metabolic functions which can also cause chronic diseases. Basically, antioxidants help prevent cellular damage. The good news is that coffee has shown to have more antioxidants than even cocoa and green tea. In fact, researchers have identified thousands of these antioxidants in an unprocessed coffee, and more are formed during the roasting process. This is why coffee is usually prescribed for patients who lack essential antioxidants in their body.

Black Coffee Benefits

Caffeine In Coffee Helps Boost Memory

In a study conducted by Austrian researchers, there was a reported surge in the brain activity of volunteers who took a dose of 100mg caffeine, which is as much as what’s contained in a cup of coffee. It was noted that these volunteers who received caffeine had improved memory performance compared to the control group who only had a placebo. This cognitive performance was measured using functional magnetic resonance imagery (fMRI).
Apparently, caffeine seems to affect the part of the brain which is responsible for focus, hence offering a memory boost. Although it’s still unclear how long the effect lasts or if varies among individuals.


Coffee May Help Fight Against Cognitive Decline

While coffee helps boost the memory, a regular coffee intake may also help fight against cognitive decline usually associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and any form of dementia. There are many theories out there explaining the relationship between coffee consumption and decreased chance of experiencing a cognitive decline. One particular theory explains that caffeine prevents the formation of beta-amyloid plaque which may contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s.

Coffee Significantly Reduces the Risks of Depression

Depression, simply put, is a severe mood disorder that affects many people around the world. This mood disorder affects your feelings and thought process, and how you deal with normal daily activities like eating, sleeping, etc. Caffeine Benefits Against DepressionMeanwhile, many studies have reported a decreased risk of depression as you increase your coffee intake. What’s exactly responsible for this is not entirely clear, but heck, this is another benefit of coffee and a reason to visit the coffee shop and order for your favorite type of coffee.

Healthy For The Heart

You see, the black water may also save you from being tied to a blood-pumping device someday. How so? There’s an abundance of evidence that shows that coffee supports the heart functions by fighting against arterial damaged usually caused by inflammation.
A study which analyzed the information retrieved from over 37000 people for more than 13 years, found that persons who are moderate coffee drinkers and take at least 2 cups of coffee daily had a massive 20% reduced risk of any heart disease when compared with non-drinkers, light, and heavy coffee drinkers.
So if you’re a drinker, it’s time you up your game a few more cups to prevent a disastrous visit to the ICU.

I Need Coffee

Coffee Improves Exercise Performance

Detractors of coffee consumption are always quick to say that caffeine is a dehydrating substance. And even physical trainers would recommend against taking coffee before and after a workout session. Meanwhile, researchers have recently suggested that a moderate coffee consumption of up to 500mg daily – usually five cups, doesn’t dehydrate the body enough to affect the body performance during a workout session.
Coffee contains caffeine which helps the body fight against fatigue, strengthens muscle contraction, increases the level of fatty acids in the blood, and enhances general performance. So, ignore the misconception. You can always visit the café for a cup – or even two- of a coffee before hitting the gym.


Coffee Lowers Risk Of Different Types Of Cancer

With the recent spate of cases of various types of cancer, almost everyone is now concerned about the risk of the disease. Well, if you’re too, try increasing your coffee consumption to help lower the risks of cancer. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, it was reported that increased coffee consumption was linked with a modest decrease in the risk of a type of skin cancer known as Melanoma.


Coffee Helps Prevent Liver Diseases

The liver is an essential organ in the body, and it carries out a variety of functions. Coffee drinking can help fight against common liver diseases such as hepatitis, fatty liver disease, and others. Many of these diseases would eventually lead to a condition called cirrhosis – a condition whereby the liver has been largely damaged by scar tissue. Regular consumption of coffee is a natural way to detox and protect the body against the risks of developing liver diseases – especially cirrhosis!
Every time you visit the café to take a few cups of coffee, you’re actually giving your liver an extra layer of protection against life-threatening diseases.

Coffee Antioxidants

By now, if you’re still asking yourself if coffee is good for you, well, the answer remains YES! Drinking coffee is more than just a daily treat, it’s also a way to keep yourself healthy. So, why don’t you hit the café already? If you’re saying to yourself, I need coffee at a cafe right now, then follow the link below to find the nearest place to get a hot cup of joe or iced coffee.



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