Looking for a propane refill near me can be daunting. Especially when your gas propane tank is empty. We have the perfect solution to find the nearest locations to fill your tanks fast. Our propane near me database will search your area for a low-cost propane station to get you the best deals possible by the lb.

What To Know When Filling Your Propane Tank

Depending on if you have just a standard 20-pound tank to fill or an RV most stations fill your cylinder by the pound, not weight. Also, some locations have a set charge even if your propane tank is half full. So make sure you call a tank specialist at a number provided on our map. So use the gas tank to near-empty otherwise you may pay the same rate. Home Depot, Costco, Uhaul, Walmart, Ace Hardware offer some of the cheapest rates, but some local companies may even be cheaper than major stores nearby.


Find directions, phone numbers, and even reviews of propane tank stations below. If you need a tank exchange, Blue Rhino is a great place.

What Is Propane Anyways?

Propane is a by-product of the propene process which is mostly used as a gasoline additive. In this role, propane can be found in fuel propane, liquified petroleum gas, and propylene.


In the household, propane is best known for being used as a heating fuel or barbecue grill fuel. It is also popular as a solvent due to its low boiling point.

Since propane has a high octane rating it can be used as a fuel in internal combustion engines, just like gasoline. A fairly large number of vehicles have been fitted with propane tanks instead of gasoline tanks, however, there are disadvantages that come from using propane as both an engine fuel and a household heating source: specifically carbon dioxide emissions are 20% higher than normal propane emissions using propane as an engine fuel. Thus propane is usually blended with butanes to reduce the emission levels.

Propane Is Used In Many Ways

Another important propane use is in refrigeration, where it serves as a working fluid that can be found inside refrigerators and freezers. It is also used by propane companies to pressurize their propane tanks. Propane has become increasingly popular at providing power to appliances such as clothes dryers and ovens; propane gas distributors make sure that homes are supplied with propane during peak hours of consumption (during hot weather or holiday seasons).

Propylene is used by itself or mixed with ethylene to create polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) which is used to make synthetic fibers, carpets, and grocery store bags.

Propane Is Responsible For Creating Many Other Products

With propane being used by itself or mixed with butanes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions propene is also responsible for creating propylene glycol which is used in both antifreeze and food-grade products. Propylene glycol is fairly widespread since it can be found in juices, cake mixes, salad dressings, iced teas, ice cream, and many other applications where propylene glycol serves as an emulsifier.

Another useful application of propene is propanediol which can be found in soap-making materials such as shampoo and conditioner. It is also used with tetramethylene diamine (TMD) which creates Nylon 6 which is used in non-woven fabrics, food packaging, and dental floss.

Propane serves so many different roles that propene serves an important role of being a petroleum by-product.



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